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7 Days to Die Radiation Zone — How to Enter and Survive

As the game progresses, players will come across areas of high radiation. Though it may be tempting to explore these dangerous areas, it is important to know the risks before doing so. 

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to go into the radiation zone in 7 Days to Die and if players can survive it, this guide is for you!

Can You Go to the Radiation Zone?

Nuclear Fallout Zones are areas that have been totally decontaminated by high levels of radioactivity induced by nuclear warfare. It appears as a zone that stretches equally from the map’s boundaries. 

The zone acts as a deterrent for players to stay away from the edges of all maps, including in Navezgane and Random Gen. If a player enters the radiation zone, they will begin to lose health and will eventually die if they do not depart. 

radiation zone

The radiation zone’s border cannot be easily spotted because no visible markers indicate it. However, when a player enters the zone, your screen will be flooded with a green-colored static effect and the Deadly Radiation debuff will be applied. 

The radiation appears to have no effect on zombies, but any live creatures that enter it die within seconds.

A basic gray horizon awaits at the end of the radiation zone, and if you cross this boundary, a simple drop of a ledge awaits the player. However instead of dying, you return a few meters beyond, facing the opposite direction of the ledge. 

It is important to understand that wearing a hazmat suit will not protect you from radiation death because it does not give 100% protection to radiation damage [1].

radiation zone

When near the radiation zone it is possible for supply crates to be dropped there. To avoid this, move away from the zone during the times when airdrops are taking place.

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