Navezgane Map Alpha 20 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Navezgane Map — Your Quick Guide

Navezgane County, Arizona is the setting for the game 7 Days to Die. It is a large map that offers many opportunities for exploration and scavenging. 

The map is divided into biomes, each with its own unique resources and dangers. Players will need to carefully consider their choices when venturing out into Navezgane.

So, if you want to know more about the map, here is a quick guide from our 7D2D gamers:

What is Navezgane Map?

The major setting on 7 Days to Die is Navezgane County Arizona, a “rare Eden in a world of devastation.” The Apache word “Navezgane” means “Killer of Monsters,” and the Navezgane map encompasses 32 square kilometers with 100 meters of the severely radioactive region surrounding the map’s edges. 

The Navezgane map, unlike the randomly generated maps, will stop generating once the boundary is reached.

Navezgane Map Alpha 20

The less harsh biomes are found in Navezgane’s northern half. It is advised to establish a base north of Navezgane’s Burnt Forest biome, which divides it from the harsher biomes to the south. Navezgane is home to a variety of biomes [1] and areas.

Does Navezgane Have a City?

In Navezgane, there are four cities. One is Gravestown, which  is located in the Wasteland Biome and is renowned for its devastating state in Navezgane. 

Diersville is located near the Farm in the northeast and has a huge hospital. Perishton is located on the northwestern Plains. Lastly, Departure is located in the desert to the southeast and is home to numerous huge skyscrapers.

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