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How to Make a Bicycle on 7 Days to Die

Do you want to know how to make a bicycle on 7 Days to Die? It’s actually not that difficult, and it can be a great way to get around the map. To know the steps of the process, here’s a detailed guide from our gamers: 

How to Make a Bicycle

The bicycle is the first vehicle you may unlock and create in the game, and it greatly simplifies travel. The first step is to unlock bicycle crafting. 

One method is to give Grease Monkey – Bicycle Mechanic a skill point, which you can find in the Intellect section. You can create a bicycle once you’ve unlocked it. However, you must construct a workstation or locate a suitable working bench in your house.


Some of the parts require the use of a workbench. A bicycle also requires the following parts:

A bicycle chassis requires two forged iron, two mechanical pieces, two duct tape, two leather, and two springs. 

The handlebars will be made from two pieces of duct tape, two leather, one mechanical part, six short iron pipes, and two springs. You may obtain springs by dismantling vehicles with a wrench.

bicycle chassis

More materials may be required for the wheels [1]. Each bicycle requires two wheels. Each takes two forged iron, sixteen scrap polymers, two bottles of oil, ten coal, and one bottle of acid. 

You may begin riding your bicycle once you them. It’s far faster than running.

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