7 Days to Die Indian Burial Ground 7 Days to Die

What is the Indian Burial Ground on 7 Days to Die

As one of the top horror games, 7 Days to Die feature hair-raising events and places, including the Indian Burial Game. If your aim is to survive this game, allow us to share what you need to know about it in this post:

What is an Indian Burial Ground?

Indian Burial Grounds are places where the deceased were buried. Several big boulders surround a tree, and behind each rock is a lootable coffin. There is also an apache treasure box in the middle of the central stone. 

The Indian Burial Grounds are located in the Desert at 1004 S 1434 E. Indian Burial Grounds may only be found in the wildness of the desert. They are only seen in the Forest biome on rare occasions.

7 Days to Die Indian Burial Ground

One of the cemeteries’ ancient artifact chests may contain a tazas stone axe, which is the sole unique item that can be found here in comparison to a standard cemetery. 

Also, if you were ready to cheat, you could just take it immediately from the creative menu instead of going to the trouble of building a burial ground and waiting for the axe [1] to appear in the chest. This would save you both time and effort.

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