digging bedrock 7 Days to Die

How Deep Can You Dig on 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a game all about survival. Players often do tasks to make it through the week, like building and digging.

If you’re an avid player, you might have wondered how deep you can actually dig in the game. To give you the answers, our gamers have created this guide!

How Deep Can You Dig?

To begin, know how far down bedrock is from you: Hit tilde ‘~’ to open the command line, type “listplayers” (no quotes) and that will give your position (IE “-500, 70, 788”). 

The center number (70 in this case) is your level up & down. Bedrock is at level 3.

digging bedrock

Then gather an auger [1], at least 10 or 12 gas cans, a few torches, and a buddy with a bucket of water at ground level. 

Begin digging straight down one block wide until you reach bedrock, then dig one or two blocks to the side and put a torch in that bubble every 7 or 10 blocks. 

When you reach bedrock, dig at least three blocks up and out to the side to form the start of a tunnel, then replace the  stone from the bedrock level just in front of where you dug down to create a pit for the water to ‘catch’ in (or else your tunnel will flood). 

Then have your buddy pour the water in at the very top of the hole.  The water will duplicate all the way down, allowing you to utilize it as a “watervator” to go up and down.

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