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How to Use the First Aid Kit on 7 Days to Die

In a game like 7 Days to Die, characters find themselves injured when they fight against vengeful zombies. In order to survive, one of the valuable skills you need to know is how to use the first aid kit. 

In this guide our 7D2D gamers will show you how to properly utilize it to your advantage with series of steps and tips. By following our advice, you’ll be able to keep yourself alive and kicking even in the direst situations.

How to Use the First Aid Kit

In 7 Days to Die, a First Aid Kit is a form of medicine. It quickly restores a significant amount of health and removes the Bleeding effect. It is lootable from Supply Crates and Pop-N-Pills shelves. 

After learning the recipe from a Schematic or gaining Level 1 in Physician, it can also be crafted at a Chemistry Station.

first aid kit

When used, a First Aid Kit [1] will restore 50 health and 1 health each second for 10 seconds. To heal other players, use the Secondary Action. 

Your enemies have a chance to inflict the Bleeding Buff, which steadily drains Health and can lead to death. Using the First Aid Kit will stop the bleeding quickly. 

Although the First Aid Kit can be crafted and used at Physician Level 1, its efficiency grows with each level of Physician.

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