animals in 7 days to die 7 Days to Die

Finding Animals on 7 Days to Die — Your Quick Guide

Have you been playing 7 Days to Die and find yourself wondering where the best place to find animals is? If so, then this blog post is for you! 

Here are the best places to look for animals in the game so you can find them in no time:

Where's the Best Place to Find Animals?

The game allows players to share the animals they see around them. As a result, the more players there are in the game, the fewer animals spawn near each person. 

Also, after an animal has been found and killed, it takes a long time for a new one to spawn. So, whether you or others have searched out a region, you’ll have to move on to another sector to find more quickly once the meat is gone. 

animals in 7 days to die

Also, if you travel through a part of the map that hasn’t seen players (or hasn’t seen them in a long time), there will be no animals at first. But if you backtrack over your own path, you’ll find they’ve spawned behind you.


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