7 Days to Die Disarm Mines 7 Days to Die

How to Disarm 7 Days to Die Mines

Have you ever wanted to remove land mines from the terrain in 7 Days to Die, but didn’t know how? Well, today is your lucky day. 

Our 7D2D players will show you how to safely and effectively remove land mines from the game. If you don’t wan to miss out on the best game practices, read this guide!

How to Remove Land Mines From the Terrain

Landmines usually only spawn around specific Prefabs. In general, if you come across a military base, keep an eye out for them. 

If you hate them, you can easily clear one by standing back and blasting them with a bow. Nevertheless, they are quite effective at killing zombies.

7 Days to Die Disarm Mines

If losing gameplay is a problem, make sure to set down bedrolls frequently while exploring. So even if you die, you can immediately reclaim your stuff.

What is a Tin Land Mine?

The Tin Land Mine, like the Hub Cap Land Mine or Air Filter Land Mine, is a ground-based explosive that may be strategically placed on any flat surface except water. 

The mine will explode if anyone steps on it, whether it’s a zombie, the player, or an animal. Mines cannot be picked up once they have been planted. 

The Tin Land Mine is one of the weaker land mines [1], although it may be crafted without the need for a workbench.

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