7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Difficulty Levels and Settings

If you’re a seasoned gamer, you know that there are different levels of difficulty on video games. But what are the difficulty levels on 7 Days to Die? 

Here, our gamers will share the various difficulty settings in the game and how they can affect your gameplay. If you’re looking for challenge or an easier experience, you’ll find out which setting is right for you here.

What Does Difficulty Mean on 7 Days to Die?

Difficulty modifies the power of spawned zombies in your game. A player can choose between six levels of difficulty:

7 Days to Die Alpha 20

The easiest setting, intended for absolute beginners

More challenging than the easiest level

Designed for players with FPS game experience

More challenging than the normal mode

warrior difficulty

 Even more challenging

The hardest level

Aside from the effects on Player vs. Zombie and Zombie vs. Player damage, the game difficulty has an effect on the computed Gamestage used for players. 

This defines the horde (sleeper, wandering, blood moon [1], scout) the game spawns at the appropriate times.

How to Change the Difficulty of Your 7 Days to Die Server

The majority of your 7 Days to Die Server’s customization will be done through its 7daystodie.properties file, including adjusting the difficulty. You can choose from the five different difficulty levels we mentioned above by doing the following:

difficulty level

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