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Crossplay on 7 Days to Die (Is it Cross-Platform?)

Gamers are always looking for new ways to play their favorite games, and one question that often comes up is whether a particular game is cross-platform. 

So, is 7 Days to Die cross-platform? Read on to find out.

What Does Cross-Platform Mean?

Cross-platform refers to video games that can be played on two or more platforms (together). 

This implies that if you have an Xbox One console and your friend has a PS5, you both may play the game on both devices at the same time. This is what makes the game cross-platform compatible.


Is 7 Days to Die Cross-Platform?

7 Days to Die is partially cross-platform compatible. The game is exclusively cross-platform between consoles. Thus if you’re on PS4 or PS5, you can play with Xbox One [1] players. 

However, if you’re playing on a PC, you won’t be able to play with anyone else. As a result, 7 Days to Die is one of the best crossplay games available. 

As a highly comparable game to 7D2D, DayZ crossplay is still not supported. Therefore, 7 Days to Die still has the upper hand.

If you like this game and want to play it with your friends on multiple platforms, we recommend waiting for future updates or DLCs from the creators, which may include the much-needed feature of cross-platform play. 

7 days to die

There are numerous advantages to 7 Days To Die being cross-platform, including:

One of the primary advantages of cross-platform gaming is the ability to play with additional people.

Another advantage of cross-platform gaming is that it boosts a game’s replay value.

Cross-platform play allows you to get a competitive advantage over other players by practicing with friends who use various platforms.


Cross-platform play allows for better matchmaking because the pool of players is significantly wider.

Last but not least, cross-platform play simply makes games more enjoyable because you can play with your friends regardless of platform.

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