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7 Days to Die Compound Crossbow — Your Quick Guide

If you’re a 7 Days to Die player, you know that the compound crossbow is a powerful weapon. But what if you don’t have one? And where can you find one? Here’s a quick guide to help you out.

Where Can You Find a Compound Crossbow on 7 Days to Die?

The Compound Crossbow is a more powerful version of the Iron Crossbow that may be obtained by reading the Compound Crossbow Schematic. 

It is a medium to a long-range weapon that uses crossbow bolts as ammo. Unlike bows, it will not automatically reload after each shot.

compound crossbow

Press and hold R to equip a different type of ammo than the default Stone Crossbow Bolt, then select the ammo type you wish. 

Crossbows are formidable medium to long-range weapons that can kill most Zombies with a single headshot. Because of its slow shooting rate and the need for reloading after each shot, a Crossbow should be used with caution at close range against several enemies or wild animals.

With each level of the Archery perk, the player can craft a higher grade Compound Crossbow, using more materials, all the way up to quality 5. 

The number of resources needed to make a Compound Crossbow grows in proportion to its quality level. Every tier-up uses 50% more materials.


The Compound Crossbow’s most effective combat use is to take down zombies and animals from a distance. With a clean hit, this formidable range weapon can take down large zombies. 

As ammunition, this crossbow uses stone, iron, and steel crossbow bolts. By long-pressing ‘R,’ you can select the ammo to use. 

However, keep in mind that the crossbow is a slow-firing weapon that must be reloaded after each shot. That is one of the reasons you should exercise caution when utilizing it [1] against many enemies at close range.

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