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7 Days to Die Blood Moon Horde — Your Quick Guide

For anyone who’s played 7 Days to Die, the Blood Moon Horde is a fearsome sight. But what exactly are they? 

Here, our gamers will share all you need to know about the Blood Moon Horde and how you can survive their attacks. If you’re ready to learn more about this deadly in-game force, read on.

What is the Blood Moon Horde?

The Blood Moon Horde is a unique Horde that only appears during the Blood Moon, which happens every 7 days by default. The game’s name refers to this seven-day-a-week offensive. 

A Blood Moon Horde has an early-morning indicator, late-afternoon warnings, an initial attack, followed by repeated waves of attack, and a 4 am conclusion. 

blood moon horde

Regardless of silence, lack of heat, sneaking, or defenses, the zombies created during a Blood Moon Horde know exactly where you are. They will climb or dig as far as they can to get to you.

Indicator and Warnings

The day number on the HUD will turn red at 08:00 on Blood Moon day (this can be modified). This is your first warning that the horde will arrive that night. 

At 18:00, you will hear a thunderclap and the sky will gradually turn red. The sky will be quite red by 21:00, and the storm will be in full flow. You’re quickly running out of time.

Initial Attack at 22:00

At 22:00, there will be a directionless scream signaling the start of the horde. Following that, a swarm of zombies [1] will spawn some distance away from you and rush toward you. 

The actual number of zombies is determined by a number of factors, including your Gamestage, the number of players in multiplayer, and performance settings.

initial attack

Subsequent Waves

More zombies will spawn to take their place as you kill them. You may eventually destroy a whole wave, but a new wave will begin to arrive after a short interval. 

Each wave has its own timer, so if you don’t kill the entire wave in time, it will stop spawning and a new wave will start. New players are usually unaware of this.

Conclusion at 04:00

The Blood Moon Horde will conclude at 04:00. The sky will clear, and horde-spawned zombies will resume regular behavior (slower movement, no GPS to you).

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