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Best Weapons on 7 Days to Die

As gamers, we all know the importance of having the right weapons in our inventory. After all, when faced with zombies or enemies, we want to be able to put up a good fight. 

So today, our gamers will tackle the best weapons to use on 7 Days to Die. If you want to choose the perfect weapons for your needs, continue to read this guide:

What Are the Best Weapons to Use?

Below is a list of the best weapons you can use to destroy those zombies:

Contact Grenade

This weapon is great at crowd management. Kite a swarm of zombies into a tight formation, throw a grenade or two, and you’re done. 

These come in handy if you can find out how to get zombies into a pit. Simply make sure you leave enough room between yourself and the blast radius, or you’ll be sorry.

contact grenade


On 7 Days to Die, this is the most powerful Machine Gun. Even if you don’t have any points for the Machine Gunner perk, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with because of your strong damage output and massive ammo capacity.


It is a powerful and versatile machine gun with a wide range of applications. This pistol has a fair damage output and is accurate, quick to reload. Best of all, this 9mm ammunition [1] is plentiful and easy to produce in later game levels.

Auto Shotgun

At a close range, this high-tier shotgun is lethal. It carries a 17-round magazine, compared to the Pump Shotgun that has around a 7-round magazine. This is a great weapon if you are surrounded by zombies. 

You will be quite successful at close range with run-and-gun techniques. Nothing will affect you, and the fight will be done in a matter of minutes.

auto shotgun

Rocket Launcher

Take a step back and prepare to blast some zombies away with this little gem. Depending on the type of ammo used, the Rocket Launcher is unsurprisingly quite strong. The Rocket Frag Ammo inflicts massive harm on any living organism it strikes. Most monsters are one-shot. 

On the other hand, there is HE ammo, which is excellent for block damage. Consider how easy it would be to level your favorite POI with a few well-placed bullets.

44. Desert Vulture

The 44. Desert Vulture is the game’s most powerful handgun. It can kill most zombies with a single close-range headshot. It’s one of those firearms that won’t appear in loot containers until later in the game, but once you discover it or can craft it, you won’t be disappointed.

Tactical Rifle

The Tactical Assault Rifle is a weapon that you will most likely find in a container mid-game and use till the end. It is quite handy. It comes standard with a rapid snap-on aim and semi-auto or burst fire. With your preferred modifications installed, this pistol will keep you safe even against the most dangerous hordes.

7 Days to Die Tactical Rifle

Iron Crossbow

While the Crossbow lacks quick fire and precision while firing from the hip, it is vitally necessary when playing the game silently. 

When dealing with a sneak attack on sleeping zombies, you can double your damage output multiple times over. If you could stealthily attack all sleeping zombies while passing through a POI, you’d almost certainly get through with little resistance.

Steel Club

It requires minimal stamina, delivers a lot of damage, and has the ability to dismember with a headshot. Consider how lethal this weapon might be if you spent a few points in the Strength skill tree.


These are simple to make early on in the game and is certain to deliver a ton of damage. With 550 damage to animals and 3000 damage to surrounding blocks, this is the go-to demolitions equipment. 

You may also use them to level buildings just like the Rocket Launcher’s HE rounds.

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