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7 Days to Die Best Perks

Whether you’re an experienced 7 Days to Die player or a newbie, there are amazing perks to help you survive in the game’s post-apocalyptic world. 

From defense and offense to exploration and scavenging, these best perks will give you the edge you need to stay alive. Let’s get straight to it!

What are the Best Perks on 7 Days to Die?

Selecting the right perks can not only make 7 Days to Die less stressful, but also more gratifying. Here are the following you must know:

Perks in 7 Days To Die

Lucky Looter

On 7 Days to Die, getting better loot is determined by the player’s level and how long they go without dying. Increasing these two elements will move the player up a game stage (or loot stage) – there are three of them. The better the loot a player may find when harvesting, the higher their game stage.

This perk’s description in-game is a little hazy. It says it gives an X% bonus to loot found and that bigger ranks result in a higher percentage. 

This does not imply that you discover more items. This percentage is applied to a player’s game stage. To put it another way, this perk allows players to find better loot from weaker opponents.

The Daring Adventurer

This is a perk that all players should take advantage of. It’s nice to harvest resources, but the main money comes from mission rewards. 

After completing a task, players can select between two rewards. Typically, the choice is between a large stack of dukes (the in-game cash) and bonus experience points.

The Daring Adventurer

The Daring Adventurer perk expands the player’s options and, at rank four, allows the player to select two rewards. This perk also increases the number of dukes gained via mission rewards.

Better Barter

One option is for a player to make their character a crafting machine. Another option that is just as dependable is to invest points into Better Barter and only buy what is required from traders. 

This perk raises the price of sold goods while decreasing the price of items purchased by the player. The lower costs are wonderful, but the true reason to gain this perk is that it increases the likelihood of traders’ secret stashes having better items. 

Forget about gathering materials to construct a rocket launcher. Simply take advantage of this perk and purchase one from a trader at a reasonable price.

7 Days to Die Better Barter

Healing Factor

In 7 Days to Die, players can heal their characters in a variety of methods, through food and medical supplies available. 

The issue is that all of these traditional modalities of healing are active, not passive. This basically indicates that a character’s health does not restore on its own.

Thus, the Healing Factor perk is required if a player wants their character to heal organically over time. This perk replenishes hit points and aids in the healing of catastrophic injuries. 

At rank one, a player regenerates one hitpoint every 90 seconds and at rank five, one hitpoint regenerates every 6 seconds.

Grease Monkey

This perk unlocks a number of crafting choices that improve the game in a variety of ways. The Grease Monkey enables the player to build car accessories and vehicles, as well as various other useful items. This perk allows players to build the mini-bike at the second level.

Grease Monkey

The type of bike saves the player from having to walk everywhere and has 27 more storage slots. The additional storage allows players to extend harvesting runs. Grease Monkey also allows the player to customize petrol cans and car batteries.

Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Guns are safer in 7 Days to Die, as they are in other zombie-survival games, but melee weapons are more reliable. For starters, a baseball bat does not run out of ammunition and does not produce loud noises that attract more zombies. 

This perk makes utilizing melee weapons more practical. It does so not by increasing damage, but by lowering the amount of stamina required to swing melee weapons and tools.

This perk begins awarding stamina for each zombie slain with a melee weapon at rank two. Because of this additional stamina, a player at rank five can virtually exclusively use power attacks indefinitely. This perk and Miner 69er also complement each other effectively.

sexual trynosaurus

Miner 69er

Crafting is an important aspect of 7 Days to Die. Sure, there are ways to succeed in the game without needing to craft everything, but being able to craft items yourself is more trustworthy than hoping a trader has what you need. 

Miner 69er increases block damage by quite a bit, allowing players to acquire raw materials more effectively. But other benefits of this perk are less well-documented. 

A player may become imprisoned in a building at times, but they can easily make their own exit through any wall with this perk. When utilizing tools against entities, the damage dealt increases as well.

Pain Tolerance

Staying alive in 7 Days to Die is dependent on a variety of elements, the most essential of which are increasing the damage you inflict on the opponent and decreasing the damage you absorb from enemies. 

This perk will not assist a player in dealing more damage. Instead, it will make the player’s character more resistant to damage.

pain tolerance

The level of damage resistance increases with each point invested in this perk. It starts at a 5% damage reduction at level one and rises by 5% with each level increase. This perk also reduces the likelihood of a character being stunned.

From the Shadows

This is an important perk early on, but as a player’s level increases, the necessity to be sneaky lessens. But this perk is no less powerful as it gives a set of bonuses that will assist a player in remaining undetected and alive. 

There are also several fantastic benefits, such as Hidden Strike, that work considerably better if the player invests a few points.

From the Shadows makes it much easier to hide, boosts the player’s crouching speed, muffles the sounds a character makes, and shortens the time enemies will hunt for the player.

7 Days to Die From the Shadows perk

Machine Gunner

This perk isn’t necessary for new players. But, putting a few points in it after they start receiving stronger firearms like the M60 will make a considerable difference.

The M60 is one of the game’s greatest weapons, but the Tactical Assault Rifle and AK-47 aren’t far behind.  

This perk dramatically increases the damage of such weapons. At higher levels, this perk also restores stamina after each machine gun hit.

Master Chef

Staying alive in this game requires keeping the Fullness meter above 50%, beyond which the character begins to incur penalties to mobility and attack speeds. 

Cooking better meals is essential for maintaining stamina [1]. Maintaining a high stamina allows the player to spam power attacks and sprint further and faster when retreating. With the use of Master Chef, every level grants the player access to new dishes. 

master chef

At level one, the Master Chef perk grants the player access to the Bacon and Eggs recipe. This is one of the better foods to eat early in the game. 

Master Chef also cuts down on cooking times and the number of components needed for a meal. Cooking time decreases with each subsequent perk level, reaching a maximum of -50% at level five. This is one of the nicest perks in 7 Days to Die.

Hidden Strike

Hidden Strike increases the damage of Sneak attacks. This isn’t a minor perk either. The bonus is +50% at level one and +250% at level five. Using this perk, the player can take down enemies rapidly and quietly, then go on to the next enemy and repeat.

The issue with this perk is that it requires the user to invest in another perk, From the Shadows, in order for it to be successful. Having said that, sneaking about and fighting the enemy on his or her own terms is the ultimate safest tactic for surviving a scavenging mission in the wasteland.

7 Days to Die Hidden Strike

Heavy Armor

The disadvantages associated with wearing heavy armor are reduced by this Strength perk. This also allows the players to create their own heavy armor. 

The thick armor earned via manufacturing transforms the player into a highly mobile tank at a higher perk level. Many gamers choose light armor since it makes sneaking easier. 

When the From the Shadows perk is fully leveled, heavy armor becomes quiet—quiet enough to get within bow range. Heavy armor makes an encounter with less than three zombies more of a job than a fight.

Flurry of Blows

This is one of the nicest early-bird perks. For starters, the maximum level of Flurry of Blows is only three, so it can be swiftly maxed out (with a Dexterity of 7). 

This perk also restores 30 Stamina every kill at level three. Players can take advantage of this by employing the power attack-retreat strategy.

flurry of blows

The Flurry of Blows boosts the player’s attack speed with certain weapons. This list is confined to smaller melee weapons, however, it does contain the baseball bat and machete. A character at level five swings affected weapons 25% faster.


An effective stealth build requires three elements from a character. The first is high agility, which enhances headshot damage and improves the possibility of dismembering the target. 

The second component is having a character who is adept at moving around unnoticed. The third essential component of a sneak build is a quiet distance weapon. 

A player can now sneak up on an unsuspecting zombie, hit them in the head with an arrow, and not alert any adjacent zombies in the process. This makes archery as one of the best skills on 7 Days to Die .

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