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Best Melee Weapon on 7 Days to Die

The game 7D2D would not be complete without defense weapons against hordes of zombies, and melee weapons are a top choice for an attack. So in this post, we will be discussing the best melee weapons on 7 Days to Die and how to get them!

What Are the Best Melee Weapons and How to Get Them?

Do you prefer murdering your zombies up close and personal? Using the proper melee weapons for 7-day, 14-day, and 21-day hoards almost always results in a bloodbath.

7 Days to Die Undead Legacy Mod


The machete can be looted from numerous locations and inventories, or it can be made with a machete blade and leather. It’s undoubtedly the best melee weapon in the game, thanks to its swift speed, durability, and damage. 

The machete swings fast enough that you can miss a few hits and not be stunned. The reach is extensive, and dismemberment or exploding zombie heads are practically certain. It’s the ideal weapon for close combat because it attacks instantly and with little to no delay.


The chainsaw [1] is the most entertaining melee weapon. It can be obtained or made using handlebars, a small motor, chainsaw parts, and a chainsaw blade. It uses fuel quickly and can be incredibly loud, like other gas-powered weapons or tools, which can make you a conspicuous target. 

If you don’t mind catching the attention of hundreds of zombies, then use the chainsaw to mow down hoards and dismember all those zombies. Keep an eye out for spawning screamers, since they appear to be drawn to the sound.


Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is a typical weapon that can be found in a variety of settings. It is also possible to make it out of forged iron and wood. It’s intended to be used to cut up animal meat, but it may also be used as a weapon in a pinch. 

Killing with a hunting knife involves being quite close-ranged. The quickness of the hunting knife, on the other hand, cannot be matched – it is one of the quickest ways to execute your undead target.

Fire Ax

The fire ax is an effective melee weapon, requiring only a few direct strikes to the target’s head to kill. Crafting needs the use of forged iron and wood. 

The fire ax can also be found in the crates of working stiffs. When utilizing the fire ax to kill zombies, it’s preferable to start with one or two. They’re down after a few punches to the head, making it the ideal skull crusher.

7 Days to Die Fire Ax


The sledgehammer is an excellent close-range weapon that may be made from forged iron or found in the crates of working stiffs. This melee weapon has 34 attacks per minute and usually kills with a single direct hit. 

A sledgehammer is an excellent weapon for dismembering and annihilating your target. With just one swing, the zombie becomes a total blood fountain. What’s not to like about something that’s long-lasting and dependable?

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