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Best Clothing on 7 Days to Die

When it comes to survival gear in 7 Days to Die, there are a lot of options available to choose from. But with so many choices, it can be hard to know which clothing is the best for staying alive. 

If you’re interested to know the best clothing options for gamers in order to survive on 7 Days to Die, our gamers got you covered! Whether you’re looking for warmth and protection, or just want to look good while you’re scavenging, read this guide:

What Are the Best Clothing Options?

While clothes are not required in the post-apocalyptic world of 7 Days to Die, it is something to think about. It may protect you from both heat and cold and some items can improve your stats. 

There are other items that simply seem cool (not that you have anyone to impress). Check out these ten clothing alternatives for your Navezgane journey.


Puffer Coat

If you’re searching for additional cold-weather protection [1], this is an excellent option to don. The puffer coat will give cold resistance to your armor-like outerwear.

You can craft one after reading the schematic, find while looting, or buy from a merchant.

Lucky Goggles

You’re sick of getting sand in your eyes, collect some Lucky Goggles. You will not only look great, but also receive a loot bonus when wearing it.


Although it may not appear to be clothes, cigar is classed as such because it is associated with your character. It’s not the healthiest habit, but it will make the trader like you more and increase barter.

lucky goggles

Hooded Sweatshirt

If you come across a hooded sweatshirt, it is also a good option for the cold. This would go great with the puffy coat for extra warmth.

Leather Duster

The leather duster is classified as an overcoat to provide an extra layer of protection from heat and cold. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy wearing leather? You may find it while looting or buy it from a trader.

Cowboy Hat

No journey to Arizona’s post-apocalyptic world is complete without your beloved Cowboy Hat. This hat protects you from both heat and cold. In the desert, it will work to keep you stay warm from the heat of the sun.

leather duster

High-Performance Running Shoes

If you’re still without a vehicle, prepare to begin walking or running. These high-performance running shoes are ideal for taking you to your destination. This pair will offer you a boost in stamina regeneration and look stylish.

Hazmat Suit

It’s crucial to look good in the post-apocalypse, so why not walk around Navezgane in a Hazmat suit? Orange is a fantastic color. 

While this will not protect you from radiation, it is a fantastic alternative for keeping warm.

BDU Top and Bottoms

If you want clothing that you can wear all the time, BDU is your best choice. They will give moderate heat and cold protection, making them ideal for everyday use.

hazmat suit

Ghillie Suit

The Ghillie Suit is essential if you want to hunt or simply hide from other players. This will limit your visibility and level of noise. It is divided into three parts: jacket, pants, and hood.

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