Alpha 19 forest biome 7 Days to Die

Best Biome on 7 Days to Die

Whether you’re starting a new game of 7 Days to Die or looking for a change of scenery, picking the right biome is an important decision. 

There are a lot of factors to consider, from the resources available to the dangers lurking in the area. So, which biome is the best? Let’s take a look at some of the options!

What's the Best Biome?

The best biome depends on several factors. The scarcity of vegetation and the fact that snow or sand provides high visual contrast, adversaries are simpler to see in the snow and desert biomes. 

Extreme temperatures, on the other hand, make early survival difficult. The temperature is pleasant among the forests and plains, but enemies are more difficult to see. They just fit in with the surroundings and hide in the grass.

Alpha 19 forest biome

The sound of crushed grass, on the other hand, might tell you that someone is around. Enemies, particularly ferals, may lurk everywhere in huge cities, so you must be continually vigilant and cautious.

What is a Biome?

A biome is a region of the world of 7 Days to Die with unique qualities such as climate, resources, and zombie kinds. There are five biomes that are significantly different from one another. 

Some Point of Interest structures are biome-specific, while others may emerge on any sort of “soil.” This also applies to city areas that have a number of Points of Interest buildings.

Alpha 19 snow biome

When looking for a spot to build a house, fort, or base, survivors should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each biome [1], since these will affect the difficulty due to zombie spawning and accessible supplies. 

It is also crucial to seek clothing in Alpha 17 that may assist minimize the negative effects of overheating in hot locations and freezing in cold areas. 

Different Biomes also have different effects on the Player’s Loot Stage. Therefore, tougher biomes tend to have better tier and quality loot.

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