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Best Armor Sets on 7 Days to Die

Armors are one of the most important factors that will retain your survival on 7 Days to Die. The right armor can mean the difference between life and death, so it’s important to know what the most effective are. 

To choose from an array of options,  our gamers will share the best armor sets on 7 Days to Die in this guide:

What Are the Best Armor Sets?

Each armor set is unique and has its own set of variables that you may change with different modifications obtained throughout the game. Remember that an armor can only be created up to level 5, however level 6 armor may be found via looting.


Steel Armor Set

Though more expensive to create, the enhanced durability is well worth the extra resources, especially if you’re a Heavy Armor lover.

Iron Armor Set

Iron Armor is one of the best Heavy Armor sets available and a possible early-game option. 

If you’re worried about losing your stealth while wearing Heavy Armor, remember that you may always add Muffled Connectors, which minimize sound from armor.

Scrap Armor Set

Scrap Armor is the least expensive heavy armor set (in terms of resources) and may be obtained rather early in the game. Scrap Armor is obtained by looting or crafting. 

Scrap Iron, which may be collected by scrapping iron items such as football helmets, pipes, pots, grills, or empty cans, is used extensively in Scrap Armor.


Military Armor Set

Military Armor is an excellent choice for people who like light armor but need increased durability. Military Armor, though slightly more challenging to acquire, can be obtained through looting or by crafting. 

Leather Armor Set

Leather Armor is one of the simplest armor sets to acquire early in the game, especially if you are a good hunter [1].

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