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7 Days to Die Best Armor Mods

An armor is one of the most important things you should have on 7 Days to Die. There are a lot of armor mods out there, but which ones would serve your gameplay best? 

Here, our gamers will share and unpack the best armor mods for 7 Days to Die. If you want extra protection or just want to look cool, these mods will help you out!

What Are the Best Armor Mods?

Armor modifications offer you an extra edge for survival not only against zombies. Many of them provide little creature comforts that will benefit you in the long term, like boosting your ability to walk about, see at night, and withstand frigid weather or scorching heat.

armor mods

Triple Pocket Mod

The Triple Pocket Mod is one of the most beneficial modifications available, allowing you to boost your carrying capacity by three before encountering encumbrance. 

These will most likely be found in the middle to late game, but if you find it, you will undoubtedly equip them as quickly as possible.

Bandolier Mod

Another incredibly helpful mod to have loaded on any chest or leg armor is the Bandolier Mod, which allows you to reload faster. This is especially beneficial for guns with slow reload times, such as pipe firearms. These should be quite simple to come across early on in the game.

Impact Bracing Mod

As someone who used to have a bad tendency of falling from big buildings or building bases high up, the Impact Bracing Mod is something you should always have equipped. It will save you a lot of time dragging your broken legs around. 

This mod not only reduces fall damage but also extends the distance you may fall before spraining or breaking your legs. It’s extremely useful and easily accessible early on.

impaact bracing mod

Customized Fittings Mod

You will discover and build numerous types of armor as you move through the game, which is critical to your survival. While your armor rating increases with each piece of armor (whether leather, iron, or steel), your mobility and stamina decrease. 

This implies that when you run, jump, or use melee weapons or tools, you will move slower and lose stamina faster. 

Each type of armor affects your armor rating and mobility differently. The worst offender is heavy armor. With the Customized Fittings Mod, you may remove all of the armor’s stamina and movement reductions.

Banded Armor Mod

Banded Armor Plating Mods on all of your armor plates will transform you into an ultimate tank. With your armor rating up by 2, it would take a lot of punishment to bring you down. 

These may be found in the middle to the late game while looting most POIs, but notably in locations such as the Shotgun Messiah Depot or Savage Country.

banded armor mod

Advanced Muffled Connectors

If stealth is more pf your thing, and you want to move quietly and take down zombies from a distance, the Advanced Muffled Connectors Mod is for you. 

These may be worn on any armor component and decrease noise by 8% each. Prepare to go out as a ghost on your next scavenger hunt.

Cooling Mesh Mod

Being overheated can have far-reaching consequences. When you sit in the blistering sun while wearing too many clothes and equipment, you will receive the ‘Too Hot’ debuff and, eventually, the ‘Sweltering’ debuff. 

This causes your hydration to drop considerably faster, and you’ll get dehydrated, which can lead to unpleasant things like fatigue and death. 

This is when the Cooling Mesh Mod comes in handy. Even on the hottest desert days, this tiny gem will keep you cool.

cooling mesh mod

Insulated Liner Mod

When walking in the snow, you will undoubtedly become cold at some time. When you start to experience hypothermia [1], things might become a bit hazardous. 

You move more slowly, your health suffers, and you feel hungry more quickly. Equip the Insulated Liner, just like the Cooling Mesh Mod, to make things a bit more pleasant.

Helmet Light Mod

Nobody likes to wander around in the dark without light because, while zombies and wild animals may not see you, they can surely smell you. 

Equip the Helmet Light Mod to any head armor component to shed some light on the situation.

helmet light mod

Water Purifier Mod

You can find yourself dying of thirst while looting a building. But there’s some terrible news. You’ve discovered water, but it’s murky and hazy, and you just noticed a clump of hair floating in the jar. 

Fortunately, you may use this mod to cleanse all water from any source as you consume it. In the wasteland, things are terrible enough. There is no need to include Dysentery on the list.

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