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7 Days to Die Base Designs

Are you looking for the best base designs in 7 Days to Die? Fortunately, our gamers are welcome to share some of the most popular and effective ones that they have used to survive in this challenging game. 

These base designs will certainly help you stay alive and thrive in the wasteland. Let’s start!

What are the Best Base Designs in the Game?

7 Days to Die puts players in the middle of a zombie-infested world, whether it’s Navezgane or a randomly generated space. Because of the constraints of constructing, some players may find themselves lacking in creative inspiration. Here are our top suggestions:

Breezeway Bunker

This base required some excavating work, but the final outcome is rather inventive. Players can sit beneath the breezeway and fire upward to attack the hordes by using iron bars as a walkway. 

Electric fences installed every block across the breezeway ensure that the undead continue to suffer damage even when the defense is unattended. The cop zombies might be a pain with this construction because their projectile vomit will not only damage the iron bars but may also injure the players below. 

7 Days to Die Breezeway Bunker

Exploding zombies cause over 300 damage to blocks nearby, making this build less viable in the late game, however, the new steel blocks can help offset the damage. 

If you’re going to replicate this design, make sure someone beneath is continually walking back and forth so the zombies may continue pathfinding. Otherwise, they’ll start digging through the bars.

Building 445

Building 445 is the second, one of the few anti-zed structures with a bit more style and panache than others. Make no mistake, despite its beautiful features, this is an anti-zed structure first and foremost. The blocks in front function as stairs, forcing opponents to pause for a minute, breaking up the undead-sprinting that happens during blood moons.

Once inside, a large corridor lined with hatches and flanked by electric fences helps make quick work of any foolish zombies. A tiny platform on top provides an unobstructed view that aids zombie pathfinding while allowing Molotov to be thrown.

Bunker 2055

The significance of a single channel for funneling the undead has been established at this point, and Bunker 2055 is no exception. It does demonstrate the use of poles that enemies have difficulty walking on. The water at the bottom circles back to the entrance, allowing zombies to continue their pathfinding if they fall. 

7 Days to Die Bunker 2055

Holding across the bridge near the iron bars allows the zombies to observe players while providing unrestricted visibility for fighting enemies.

First Horde Bunker

The first blood moon might be terrifying, but this build completely eliminates the threat with only a few blocks invested. Players should keep in mind that this bunker won’t endure much longer than the first blood moon, but there’s plenty of area underground to develop a tunnel system for a crafting hall and bedrolls.

If you’re playing with others, connect tunnels beneath the ground to allow players to enter each other’s bunkers for aid, and don’t spread them too far apart (20 blocks) to keep interlocking fields of fire. A couple of rapid upgrades might strengthen this for eventual horde defense – dropping a few powerful turrets should keep the area pretty clean for farmland.

Tower or Walkway Hybrid

Towers are a recurring aspect in 7 Days to Die building because the game considers structural stability, and building straight up is a rapid way to assure high stability. 

There isn’t anything to be concerned about as long as one considers how zombies interact with structures. This build provides the fast and dirty essentials for dealing with most zombie hordes.

7 Days to Die Tower or Walkway Hybrid

The pathway appears to be empty, but it serves an important purpose: it helps players to readily confront the enemies while they queue for some player brains. 

For this build, you’ll need some projectile weapons. Getting too close to these swarms may result in an infection [1], if not death.

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