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7 Days to Die Barbed Wire — Uses, Advantages, and More

In the game 7 Days to Die, barbed wire is a common item that can be used for crafting and construction. While it may seem like a simple material, there are actually many different uses for it in your survival strategy. 

In this post, our gamers will share more about what barbed wire is and how you can use it to your best advantage on 7 Days to Die.

What is Barbed Wire?

A barbed wire could be made into a building material. It doesn’t have much HP, but it works to slow down Zombies while also injuring them slightly. 

It can be found as a barrier to ward entry at several produced points of interest. To make a Barbed Wire, either click on the ingredients in your inventory and choose “Recipes,” then Barbed Wire, and then “Craft,” or search for Barbed Wire in your crafting window search bar.

barbed wire

What is a Barbed Fence Wire?

A Barbed Fence Wire is a craftable item that is typically employed at night to fortify a perimeter or to block breaches in walls. Its primary function is to slow down Zombies [1]

A Barbed Fence Wire will slow down any player or Zombie who walks through it and inflict 1 point of damage to that entity. The Durability of the Barbed Fence Wire is lowered by 6 each time the effect is triggered.

Previously, the Barbed Fence Wire had a dismemberment effect, causing Zombies who walked over it to have their legs destroyed, sometimes converting them into crawlers if enough damage was done to their legs.

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