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7 Days to Die Acid — How to Get, Craft, and More

When it comes to surviving in 7 Days to Die, one of the most important things you can do is gather resources. This includes not only food and water, but also materials for crafting and building. 

One resource that can be extremely helpful, but can be difficult to obtain, is acid. That said, our gamers will share their surefire methods in getting acid on 7 Days to Die. 

How Do You Get Acid?

Bottles of Acid, like springs, is one of the special objects that cannot be crafted on 7 Days To Die. 

However, it is critical when crafting items such as vehicle wheels. Bottle of Acid [1] is a resource that can be used in a variety of advanced crafting recipes.

7 Days to Die acid bottle

Here are the items that can all be looted for a bottle of acid:

Acid can be gained after reading the Wasteland Treasures: 

Acid perk book by deconstructing non-drivable vehicles (8%-15% chance), Acid Barrels, Chemistry Sets (5%), and Medical Supplies (5%). 

The uncovered Army Trucks have an 8% chance, whereas the covered Army Trucks have a 15% chance. Except for the sedan, all other non-drivable vehicles have a 15% probability.

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