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7 Days to Die Xbox One Update: What’s New, Improved, and Fixed

Imagine being fired up to play 7 Days to Die on your Xbox One, but it greets you with a few glitches here and there. This can be frustrating. Nevertheless, no game is perfect. With the 7 Days to Die Xbox One update, you will be able to see significant improvements to the game. Read on to learn more.

What is the Current Version of 7 Days to Die on Xbox One?

The current version of the 7 Days to Die game on Xbox one is Patch 13. It updates the performance of your game to This update was published by Telltale in 2016, and they released it in December 2017. This is still the only update the 7 Days to Die game has seen on a console.

Take note that, even in its most recent update, 7 Days To Die does not support cross-platform play between PC and DirectX Box One, which means you and your friend must be on the same platform to play it.

Details of the Update

According to developers and pro-gamers, the next 7D2D Xbox One update will be fantastic. The update will allow your game to see improvements in the aspects of gameplay, visual and audio, and an overall system improvement. Here is what to expect:

7D2D xbox one update


If you are very observant, you will notice the overall gameplay on the last update was not perfect. There are errors here and there. These bugs have been fixed in the newest version of the 7 Days to Die on Xbox. Here are some of the issues that they have resolved:

Visuals and Audio

The 7D2D Xbox One update in terms of imagery and sounds will fix the following glitches:

7D2D xbox one visual graphics

System Improvement

The new update is a working wonder in terms of stability and overall gameplay. According to our game engineers, here are some of the notable improvements you should anticipate:


Gone are the days of those annoying lags and glitches [1] on your 7 Days to Die console. With the 7 Days to Die Xbox one update, our resident gamers and engineers can guarantee you one thing, and that is an improved gaming experience. The developers have put in lots of effort to ensure that they fix all bugs in the previous updates. Enjoy your adventure.

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