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7 Days to Die Pipe Baton: What You Need to Know

As with other games, weapons are an essential survival tool in the 7D2D game. You can attack and conquer your enemies with these tools. Are you wondering if you can use the pipe baton to wreak great havoc on your enemies in the 7 Days to Die game? Read on to find out. 

What is the Pipe Baton on 7D2D?

A pipe baton is a combat tool you can craft with specific recipes in the 7 Days to Die game. You can put it together in the early stage of your game or whenever you die and resurface in an area far away from your mission supplies as a backup weapon. 

7D2D pipe baton

They introduced this tool in Alpha 20. Compared to other melee warfare weapons, this one stands out in its efficiency in bringing down zombies and as a tool for harvesting human or animal carcasses.

Recipe for Pipe Baton

Making quality and high-level 7DieD2D pipe batons requires the perfect recipe. On this note, they have put together a list of items and their proportion you will need to make the ideal baton.

Here they are:

7D2D inventory

Note, this recipe will make you a perfect 1 pipe baton. To increase the size and quality, you will need to increase your recipe by 50%.

Advantages of Pipe Batons

Aside from being a survival tool, the 7 Days to Die pipe baton has several other advantages. Here are some ‌benefits our pro-gamers have identified:

  1. It does more damage to the zombies than a stun baton
  2. The baton uses lateral attack and helps knock back the enemy every time you use it.
  3. You can use the tool for butchering
  4. It has a low stamina requirement.

Difference Between a Pipe Baton and Stun Baton

Although the pipe baton and the stun baton are both melee weapons, they are different in their composition and usage. The pipe baton is a long pipe melee weapon that you can use to strike and destabilize your enemy. 

7D2D stun baton

While the stun baton is an Electrocutioner weapon that helps you spread out Electric shock to attack enemies. It gains charges on each hit; 1 for regular attacks and 2 for Power up. If you can get up to 4 hits, this combat weapon will inflict a severe shock on your enemy, be it a Zombie or Zombie bear. They cannot attack or move when you discharge shock into their body. 

Difference Between a Pipe Baton and a Wooden Club

The pipe baton and the wooden club are combat tools that you can use to ward off enemy threats. Although these tools are ‌similar in terms of starting damage, they also have notable differences. 

You can craft the pipe baton out of glue, leather, and pipe, while the wood club is mainly wood. Also, the pipe baton has a slower attack rate than the wooden club, and they belong to different perk lines.


Is the pipe baton considered a club on 7 Days to Die?

No, a pipe baton is not a club on 7 Days to Die. Instead, the Pipe Baton is a melee weapon that you can craft using essential resources.


The 7 Days to Die pipe baton is a massive weapon of destruction. When supplies run out, they can serve as a backup weapon. With a high-efficiency rate used to attack Zombies and Zombie bears, it stands out among melee weapons. You can make it out of primary resources [1], such as glue, leather, and pipe.

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