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How to Find a Missing Backpack on 7 Days to Die

Losing a backpack that contains essentials and all the good things you need to survive in 7D2D can be heartbreaking. The good news is, you can find a missing backpack on 7 Days to Die with a few simple steps. Our resident gamers will show their strategies and fixes to locate it easily in this guide.

How Do I Find My Backpack in 7 Days to Die: 5 Methods

If you have no idea about the last whereabouts of your backpack, you can rely on these ways to find it:

Method #1: Check the Map for Your Last Coordinates

When you die during your gameplay, your bag drops. And in the process of respawning, you may appear in another different location in the game. To find your backpack, all you have to do is look through the map for your last coordinates to discover where the backpack might have dropped. You should use a 7 Days to Die map viewer to see if the building where you will return to retrieve your bag is currently spawned.

7D2D looking for backpack

Method #2: Check the Nearby Trees

If you die in the forest, there’s a high probability that you will find your backpack on a tree. Therefore, ensure to check all nearby trees in the forest to see if your backpack has respawned on any of them. 

If you have your backpack on any of these trees, do not cut it down. Instead, build your way up to it. The reason is that once you cut the tree, your backpack gets destroyed.

Method #3: Comb Through the Gamefolder File

Searching through your gamefolder file is another way to find your missing backpack. It is usually located in the appdata folder. You can track your saved games and location using this method [1]. This will give you a hint on where your backpack might be located.

7D2D game folder

Method #4: Enable Delete Inventory on Death

There is a tab on the 7 Days to Die game that says drops items on death. You have the option to drop toolbelt only, backpack only, and everything. And if you enable any of these options, you will not drop anything when you die.

Method #5: Enable Cheat Mode

If any of the other methods do not work in getting back your backpack, this might be a bug, especially if you’re using Xbox. This is because that bug has not yet been addressed in the most recent update of 7 Days to Die for Xbox One. You can enable cheat mode and replace all the items you have lost when you die. This has helped our pro gamers restore their missing backpacks.


How long do backpacks stay in 7 Days to Die?

Death backpacks stay for an hour before despawning in 7 Days to Die. In the previous versions before A19, it used to be 20 minutes, but now, it stays for a whopping 3600 seconds.


Dying is part of the 7 Days to Die game, and you will certainly experience this at one point or the other. But you do not have to lose your backpacks every time you die. 

Hopefully, by now you know how to find a missing backpack on 7 Days to Die with these tips. You can try these methods to find backpacks from either your first, second, or third death.

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