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Lucasarts Chose Hypernia to host its global launch of the critically acclaimed and top selling Squadron game for PSP. Covering 3 continents, gamers from all over the world including the and Pan-Asia have made this game a top seller.

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Hypernia Announces Online Game Partnership with Thriller Publishing
to Launch Massively Multiplayer Online Games Based on Great Stories from Best-selling Authors
July 30, 2008

Wednesday, July 30---Miami, FL--- Hypernia Hosting Corp®, the leader in online hosting services and solutions for the interactive entertainment industry, is pleased to announce their role as global online partner to U.S.-based game publisher, Thriller Publishing, due to launch their massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) based on science fiction and military themed stories from best-selling authors.

Known for providing tier-1 bandwidth for CDN, gaming and media streaming, Hypernia was carefully selected by Thriller Publishing as their official international online partner based on Hypernia’s lengthy and successful history in the online games space. Hypernia’s large volume of equipment, bandwidth and facilities around the world enable game players to enjoy a robust multi-player experience.

Based in Austin, Texas, Thriller Publishing, (www.ThrillerPublishing.com) announced its plan earlier this year to develop and publish games with military and espionage-themed serial storylines using wholly-owned content developed by published best-selling authors. Thriller has licensed novels from multiple authors, who are widely recognized and well regarded in their genres. These authors will create and develop popular new characters and storylines for MMO Games, game sequels, entire game series, movies, mobile games, and more. These will be the first-ever “book to video game” MMO’s to be developed for all major game markets including Asia, North America and Europe.

Thriller Publishing is led by industry veterans, John “Bill” Stealey, Chairman, Fred Schmidt, CEO, and Jim Bull, SVP Distribution, all of whom have worked together at legendary 1980’s-era game brand/studio/publisher, MicroProse Software. Thriller’s senior management team each have over 25 years of successful game business experience, including roles in leadership positions at Electronic Arts, NCsoft, Activision, Mattel Electronics, Strategic Marketing Partners and others.

Thriller Publishing is positioning itself as the premier FPS online MMOG developer to create original Intellectual Properties including MMOGs, books, and movies for worldwide distribution. To support this venture, which will require a massive volume of servers, Thriller Publishing has partnered with Hypernia. Specifically, Hypernia will be providing Thriller Publishing a new line of blade servers as part of its flex computing, on-demand utility hosting model built exclusively for the MMOG market. This new blade hosting program allows for ultra-fast throughput so more “game world” events can happen at one time in the world. This allows for greater interaction and special events in the games such as more elaborate worlds and intelligent NPC (non player character) dialogues.

James Vallord-Costa, CEO and co-founder of Hypernia, notes, “Thriller Publishing is seeking to develop presence in North America, Europe and Asia for all their titles and with the ‘flex computing’ capability of our on-demand utility hosting model, they will be able to produce more titles due to the fact we are providing access to millions of dollars worth of equipment and resources.”

John Stealey, co-founder and Chairman of Thriller Publishing, also offers “With Hypernia providing the super-flexibility they are known for, Thriller Publishing can now open up in new markets, enabling us to expand our brand and game awareness, and build a significant game player following with the confidence that our customers worldwide will be able to access all our servers easily and efficiently.”

About Thriller Publishing
Thriller is a newly formed publishing and development company founded on more than 100 years of senior management experience in the video game, technology and entertainment industries. Thriller is focusing on military and espionage-themed, massively multiplayer online games, in the first-person shooter, action-adventure, strategy and simulation genres under the brand, Thriller Games. Content will evolve around original new characters and storylines being developed exclusively for Thriller by best-selling literary authors. Thriller also engaged in the game development of select licensed book content, as well as the select publishing of quality, third-party created games. All game platforms – PCs, consoles, mobile and online -- will be engaged based on the best play experiences for each game design.

About Hypernia
Founded in 2001, Hypernia Hosting Corp® pioneered the Internet data center market with innovative service offerings that would help businesses and individuals take advantage of the speed and global reach of technology and the Internet. Hypernia believes that for organizations to be successful, they need a partner that provides solutions that spark independence and confidence in their new way of doing business. Hypernia established its high volume network for intense application hosting such as online gaming in 2002, and continues to be a leading provider of complex Internet hosting for enterprises with mission-critical Internet operations.

For more details regarding Hypernia Hosting Corp®, contact Fiona Cherbak at fiona@themeparkstudios.com, or (512) 916-9633, or you can also visit www.hypernia.com for more information



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