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Hypernia provides everything you need for success. Hardware. Networking equipment. Firewalls and load balancing services. Data backups. Network monitoring 24/7.

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Hypernia provides its clients expert advice and consultancy for setting up global stations for large scale applications for commercial gaming like Massively Multiplayer Online Game Hosting.

We will assist you in putting together a solution for bandwidth, networking, hardware, power, space and maintenance for the lowest possible price without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Hypernia has the experience and dedication needed to undertake the most important part of your commercial gaming venture: getting it up and running. More than a hosting company, we are your advocates and will custom tailor a hosting solution that is within your budget and goals.

Hypernia clients will receive proposals of different levels of service and will have a choice of different datacenters depending on the scale of the project. Our goal is to provide a low cost solution to keep your project operating so you can use those savings to market your products and build a stronger user base.

We offer several solutons:

  • - beta stage development hosting
    - live hosting facilities
    - wholesale bandwidth costs

After reading about our services, send us an e-mail letting us know a little about your project. We'll need to know your timelines that you're working under, ballpark estimate of bandwidth needed and what stage you are at in development.

World Hosting
Our MMOG hosting program is full featured. We provide hardware and networking equipment, firewall and load balancing services, data backups, and network monitoring 24 hours a day.

The network is built on a quad core redundant Cisco infrastructure with full gigabit uplinks to each server or access switch. The upstream bandwidth is a multi-carrier blend of the top tier-1 providers which offers lowest latency connections for end users throughout the United States and Globally. We work with leading manufactures like HP, Dell, IBM,  and other to provide the most robust equipment possible.

Content Delivery and Game Patching
Aside from our high performance game world hosting, we provide high volume bandwidth services for MMOG clients needing Data Silos to offer their end users rapid game patching upon entering the virtual world.

Most hosting companies charge you by the amount of data transferred. That can be very expensive and nerve racking to deal with. We make it simple and provide unlimited data transfer bandwidth lines.

By hosting your project with Hypernia, you not only get a superior hosting service, expert consultation and customer support; we also help promote you. The idea is simple; if Hypernia can help its clients succeed and survive they’ll be around as customers in the future.
In this day and age, it’s not enough to just ‘plug people in’. We proactively find ways to promote our clients and involve them in future developments, promotions and events.

Get your product in the hands of millions with Hypernia’s promotional services.

  • * Access millions of users every month via our diverse marketing channels that include online, print and television.
  • * Market your game with Hypernia’s partners. You’ll have access to leading content providers like IGN®, GamersHell.com®, Valve Software® and others.
  • * Guaranteed best pricing for Hypernia clients using our Insider Pricing™ program.

*Max Player Ranges are dependant on each game's system requirements. We offer one of the best service level agreements in the industry. Our experienced staff will walk you through setting up your game server and showing you the ropes of serverdom. We offer 24/7 online support to our customers and a toll free number to reach us. Think of Hypernia as your digital themepark where your servers are the world's great rides!