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Dedicated Intel Core 2 Duo Servers Available
in any location with the OS of your choice
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Hypernia has provided gaming files for over 10 million visitors per month on our networks for some of the world's most popular websites including GamersHell (www.gamershell.com) and 3DGamers (www.3dgamers.com).

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Aside from our high performance game world hosting, we provide high volume bandwidth services for MMOG clients needing Data Silos to offer their end users rapid game patching upon entering the virtual world..

Most hosting companies charge you by the amount of data transferred. That can be very expensive and nerve racking to deal with. We make it simple and provide unlimited data transfer bandwidth lines.

  • Highest Performance
    Hypernia provides optimized delivery paths for all content to end users worldwide guaranteeing highest possible delivery speed using only top tier-1 bandwidth providers.

  • Scalable
    Accommodate and serve unforeseen traffic increases as they happen.

  • Affordable
    Don’t pay per downloads anymore. With Hypernia, you’ll have unlimited transfer capablities and be able to reduce your infrastructure and IT operating costs greatly.


*Max Player Ranges are dependant on each game's system requirements. We offer one of the best service level agreements in the industry. Our experienced staff will walk you through setting up your game server and showing you the ropes of serverdom. We offer 24/7 online support to our customers and a toll free number to reach us. Think of Hypernia as your digital themepark where your servers are the world's great rides!